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Specap, Inc. is one of the most relied upon and trusted capacitor specialists.
We are known for supplying industries and individuals with the largest selection of the newest, toughest to find and even obsolete capacitors.
Specap, Inc. has the capacitors that you want and can find the obscure ones that you need.

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Our Guarantee

Specap, Inc. will always offer quality reliable products supported by our focused experience. Since capacitors are all that we specialize in, this allows us to provide you with reasonable prices. It also means that when you have questions, we will have the answers.

Availability & Access

Specap, Inc. carries capacitors in bulk and packs of a variety of sizes, all with your needs and requirements in mind. Our prices and customer service make your projects easier and solve your emergencies faster.

More Than Just Sales

Capacitors are all we do. That means we do it with accuracy, honesty and with the ability to provide you with help and assistance in understanding what you need.


Specap Inc. is known for its reliability. We are trusted by industries and individuals, and strive to maintain the highest standards of quality.

Diverse Stock

We stock a number of rare and obscure capacitors. Check out our inventory to see some of the parts we have available.
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